Crowd-surfing crowd-funding

Medical Records is an incubator label, with a focus on the music. That is, we leave all the other revenues (live, march, etc.) to our bands. We are delighted to see Long Time launch their crowdfunding campaign for Never Alone, with some fantastic-looking merch. Go here to take a look at what’s on offer…

Pharmaceutical-grade ruckus: Long Time’s debut album to release on Medical


Some say that every note has already been played in every possible order, and combination. Given that there are only twelve, that is undoubtedly true. Yet there are those that continue to stand out and push forward. Boston-based power trio, LONG TIME, shines with respectful homage to influence…to those that came before and to those that chose to explore. Though their backgrounds may be diverse, it is the combination of the three members that makes LONG TIME’s sound fresh. From crushing to warm, light to dark, Long Time has found their place in perspective, and is not afraid to take you there with them.

Guitar, Vocals / Thomas John Cadrin
Bass / Colin Dinnie
Drums / Andrew Nault