Medical welcomes Rookin!

Occasionally you get one of those demos… One that, from the second you hear the first bars, you fall in love with. Rookin is that 1 in a thousand. We are delighted to announce that we will be releasing Rookin’s album, Unionism, on Medical Records, on 30th November.

This is a remarkably beautiful record, one whose hooks sound instantly timeless and fresh. Seriously… Go listen to the first track at our Bandcamp. You’ll hear Toto-like timeless rock, Americana influences and a youthful energy, combined with a Mimicking Birds-like beauty.

The album will be released on gorgeous vinyl (pressed at the incredible Second Line Vinyl, Oakland) and worldwide on digital on November 30th 2018.

The Early Reviews Are In For Don Babylon

One of the best rock albums you’ll hear this year; the substance behind this release is undeniable. It’s reflective, intensely physical, and charged with genuine music-making joy despite the occasionally dark content.”


“The 2017 debut from Don Babylon, Babe, established the trio as one of the most promising indie rock acts to emerge in recent memory and their new follow up Foul! builds on that. The music on Foul! is so good you might miss out on the sharp lyrical invention underlying the album as a whole. This is as pure of an expression of a band’s reality we’re ever likely to hear and doesn’t mince words or music to make its point. It’s a personal album, sure, but Foul! is unreservedly entertaining from beginning to end.”


If you love straight rock music, no chaser or pretense, Don Babylon is right up your alley. The band produced this album and clearly value spontaneity above all else, but never at the expense of musical quality. Foul’s ten songs are uniformly sturdy and inspired, albeit from living on the margins, but I think that’s a crucial ingredient in the best rock and roll.”


“There are some songs you listen to on days you want to cry. There are some songs you listen to when you’re 100% certain you’re having the best day of your life. And then there are songs you turn up as loud as the speakers will go when you want to scream, take up kickboxing, or pound three shots of espresso while standing over the disaster that is currently your lifeDon Babylon‘s “Lose Sometimes” would be that song.”

LeftBank Magazine

“The song Lose Sometimes from Don Babylon’s latest album “Foul” is big brash rock steeped in both classic rock, garage rock, and post punk tones (is that a homage to Cream I am hearing?)”

American Pancake

“Don Babylon combine Anthony Bourdain-like exposition with Kurt Cobain-like intensity, hitting musical highlights the way Jon Spencer Blues Explosion covering Parquet Courts might. With a Hunter S Thompson-classic frontman, this is a band to love at a cultural and a gut-punch level.”

New Music For Old Blokes

“The 2017 debut from Don Babylon, Babe, established the trio as one of the most promising indie rock acts to emerge in recent memory and their new follow up Foul! builds on that with another personal slice of rock singer/songwriter tracks”

Music Existence

“That visceral experience, something internal and intangible, comes out in the music itself. For Don Babylon , former Richmond natives, now newly transplanted to Philadelphia, that music is raw, unkempt, and subject to change on a whim. Strutting around a grey area between genre-bound and genre-less, their initial offering/debut, 2017’s Babe, was a whirl of sonic flavors. With a base layer of back-to-basics rock and roll mixed with a touch of humorous nihilism, each successive layer felt new yet familiar.”