Bear Ceuse

Bear Ceuse is a band of four gents from the Midwest who now happen to live in different parts of New York City. They go hard in the paint.

“Bear Ceuse is drinking the same water as everyone at Merge Records because that shit tastes real good. Perhaps if Thurston Moore and Ryan Adams worked on a project together in the 90′s, there would be no need for this Brooklyn band but since that never happened, Bear Ceuse picks up where that (my) dream left off.”
— Jeremy D. Larson, Consequence of Sound —

“Bear Ceuse’s “All Out of a Hat” is the kind of indie rock song that somehow sounds comforting in its experimentation. Here’s a song that drips with warmth and feeling, but still maintains the ability to grow and transform throughout its run.”
— Alyssa Coluccio, Pure Volume —

“I think, in all, they’re a band on the verge, and in a year or so they could be something really great.”
— Emily Hulme, AM New York —

“Sexually unthreatening”
— Flavorpill —