Foul!, the Don Babylon follow up to the remarkable Babe is out, and the reviews are already epic!

Thanks IndieSource!
“one of the best rock albums you’ll hear this year; the substance behind this release is undeniable. It’s reflective, intensely physical, and charged with genuine music-making joy despite the occasionally dark content.” Don Babylon’s new album, Foul

And woah, MobAngeles!
“The 2017 debut from Don Babylon, Babe, established the trio as one of the most promising indie rock acts to emerge in recent memory and their new follow up Foul! builds on that. The music on Foul! is so good you might miss out on the sharp lyrical invention underlying the album as a whole. This is as pure of an expression of a band’s reality we’re ever likely to hear and doesn’t mince words or music to make its point. It’s a personal album, sure, but Foul! is unreservedly entertaining from beginning to end.”

Thanks No Depression for such a great review! “If you love straight rock music, no chaser or pretense, Don Babylon is right up your alley. The band produced this album and clearly value spontaneity above all else, but never at the expense of musical quality. Foul’s ten songs are uniformly sturdy and inspired, albeit from living on the margins, but I think that’s a crucial ingredient in the best rock and roll.”…/don-babylon-–-foul%C2%A0

Don Babylon on Bandcamp! This is where we’d like you to go… Vinyls, cassettes, and real, uncompressed music files (if you so desire…). And the band gets paid…