The Can’t Tells sign to Medical Records

Medical Records is delighted to welcome The Can’t Tells to the roster. A young 3-piece from Bushwick, New York, via Berklee, the closest comparisons are to Pavement, Sebadoh and The Walkmen.

Mike Rea, Medical’s Chief Musical Officer on the first, chance meeting: “It’s rare that you’re blown away by a support, but, from the time they came on stage – there was this 6’5″ guy, great looking but with his back to the audience, a bass player with this semi-acoustic bass – and they just nailed it. Half way through the set and the drummer’s shirt was off. I haven’t seen that kind of intensity, and heard that kind of grown-up, thoughtful rock, well, since Pavement were killing it…” 

Front men Blaze McKenzie and Michael DiSanto swap bass and guitar and singing duties in front of a drummer who can combine jazz, punk and driving rock, even in the same song.

“With this band, we’re really hoping to regain that spirit of the 90s, when SubPop was strong, or maybe even the Beatles of the late 60s, when releases happened sporadically, and the band wrote and recorded what they wanted, even if they happened to change style along the way. We’re looking to enjoy the fruits of a band with an intense creativity, Berklee education and freedom to manoeuvre.”

SPIN – Exclusive stream of Bear Ceuse’s Dixie Bros.

Bear Ceuse

New York City-via-Missouri’s Bear Ceuse might’ve gone the Bonny Bear route with their French-derived, weirdly tough-to-suss band name, but their sound is rooted in the fertile soil of indie rock before it was called indie rock. “Dixie Bros.,” from the band’s upcoming debut album Don Domestique (due out July 8th via Medical Records), is pogo-able jangle in a lineage that runs from Superchunk’s “Slack Motherfucker” to Japandroid’s “Wet Hair” —  shouts to Yuck’s “Holing Out,” too. What separates this fuzz-pop from the rest of the unremembered-’90s brosplosion is beguilingly detailed, tartly spat storytelling. Innocently strummy beginnings eventually give way to sulky insults befitting a heartland Rivers Cuomo: “You whore!” Pardon Bear Ceuse’s French.